Equine Sports Medicine


Horses have an enormous respiratory reserve - unless your horse is working at peak aerobic capacity (link to article on exercise physiology), it is unlikely that he will ever even begin to tap his reserves. This helps to make the horse an intrinsically elite athlete, but it also means that the horse can harbor subclinical (silent) respiratory disease without anyone noticing - until it causes signs such as a disturbing cough and exercise intolerance. In the Lung Function Laboratory at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University we have been at the forefront of understanding, diagnosing, and treating athletic horses with inflammatory airway disease. Welcome to the Lung Function Lab

Inflammatory Airway Disease

We were the first center in the USA to develop routine lung function testing in clinical patients, and have gone on to test hundreds of patients. The Lung Function Laboratory is open to all horses with respiratory problems - from backyard pets to elite race horses. A complete respiratory work-up is affordable, and can be done in a single morning or afternoon. As part of our respiratory package, your horse will have a comprehensive physical examination, a test of lung function, an examination of the type of cells that inhabit your horse's lower airways, and a detailed treatment plan. In order to give your horse the maximal benefit from our examination, we offer a free lung function recheck one month after the start of treatment.

The Lung Function Lab at Tufts

  • Andy Hoffman, DVM, DVSc, DACVIM - Head
  • Melissa R. Mazan, DVM, DACVIM - Director of Sports Medicine
  • Daniela Bedenice, DVM - Clinical Instructor
  • John McCool, MS - Research Assistant
  • Keith Harrington - Research Assistant