WSSS Water Research Fellowships



The WSSS program sponsors research fellowships to encourage and foster interdisciplinary water-related research, to provide financial support to WSSS students for research that will produce scholarship, and to increase participation of WSSS faculty in research projects related to WSSS objectives.


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Funding Level


Up to $4,000 per student. Funds may be used for student stipends, travel to conduct research, data acquisition and analysis, and equipment and supplies needed to complete research.





Matriculated graduate students in either track of the WSSS program are eligible for these fellowships. The expectation of the WSSS fellowship program is that the work completed for this fellowship will be part of the studentís course of study e.g., an internship, applied learning experience, directed study, thesis or dissertation research.



To Apply


Fellowship applications should be submitted electronically to Nolan Nicaise at by noon on Monday, February 16, 2015. Selected WSSS Research Fellowship recipients will be notified no later than Monday, April 6, 2015.


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