Boris Hasselblatt, Professor—on leave from the Department of Mathematics

Tufts University
Medford, MA 02155-5597


Books I have written or edited:
Introduction to the Modern Theory of Dynamical SystemsIntroduction to the Modern Theory of Dynamical SystemsIntroduction to the Modern Theory of Dynamical SystemsIntroduction to the Modern Theory of Dynamical SystemsHandbook of Dynamical Systems 1AA First Course in Dynamics
A First Course in DynamicsA First Course in DynamicsA First Course in DynamicsModern Dynamical Systems and ApplicationsHandbook of Dynamical Systems 1BDynamics, ergodic theory and geometry
Handbook of Dynamical Systems 3

Journals and book series on whose boards I serve:
Electronic Research Announcements of the American Mathematical SocietyElectronic Research Announcements in Mathematical Sciences
Journal of Modern DynamicsAtlantis Studies in Dynamical Systems

Some articles:

  • Contact Anosov flows on hyperbolic 3-manifolds
  • Longitudinal foliation rigidity and Lipschitz-continuous invariant forms for hyperbolic flows
  • Zygmund strong foliations in higher dimension
  • Lipschitz-continuous invariant forms for algebraic Anosov systems
  • Pointwise hyperbolicity implies uniform hyperbolicity
  • The Sharkovsky Theorem: A natural direct proof
  • Entropy
  • Degree
  • Zygmund rigidity
  • Hyperbolic dynamics
  • Nonuniform hyperbolicity
  • Pesin entropy formula
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    Salient values of trigonometric functions

    I noticed this pattern in the early 1990s but learned that I am far from being the first to have done so (Jean-Luc Eveno heard this some 20 years earlier from a teacher and surmises that it has been teachers' lore for generations before):
    \(x\) in degrees:\(0^\circ\)\(30^\circ\)\(45^\circ\)\(60^\circ\)\(90^\circ\)
    \(x\) in radians:\(0\)\(\displaystyle\frac\pi6\)\(\displaystyle\frac\pi4\)\(\displaystyle\frac\pi3\)\(\displaystyle\frac\pi2\)
    If you have seen this published anywhere I'd be interested in knowing.