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Tufts University

A little girl with three women college soccer players at a game. Thanks to Team IMPACT, co-founded by Tufts alums, children with serious illnesses are matched with college athletic teams, bringing belonging to the kids and perspective to the players. Expand Their Most Special Teammates

Children with serious illnesses are matched with Jumbo athletic teams, benefitting kids and student-athletes alike, thanks to Team IMPACT, which was co-founded by Tufts alums.

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Police and health care workers line up to register for the COVID-19 vaccine at a hospital in Mumbai, India. Vaccine nationalism threatens to delay the end of the pandemic. Expand A Problem That Stands Between Us and the End of the Pandemic

When countries rush to secure vaccine shots for their own populations while ignoring global needs, it only delays the end of the pandemic, say international health experts.

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A woman wearing a striped shirt types on a laptop with her phone next to her. Expand Women and the Workforce: Turning Unemployment into Opportunity

Sociologist and entrepreneurial evangelist Dr. Ali Trachtman Hill, J98, encourages women to work for themselves and define success on their own terms.

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Expand Collapse Diversity and Inclusion
ncoming first-year students celebrate during the Global Orientation scavenger hunt
Diversity and Inclusion

"Tufts represents more than an opportunity to educate oneself. It offers a place to be oneself.”

— President Anthony P. Monaco

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Expand Collapse Global Leadership
Mehdi Harandi enters the US through customs after the Trump administration's travel ban
Global Leadership

With more than 1,700 international students, 450 international faculty and scholars, and 6,000 alumni living outside of the United States, our global community is an essential part of our identity. 

Tufts is committed to global engagement and international research. 

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Expand Collapse Innovation
Michael Avery holds his patient, a Box Turtle, who is recuperating from a leg injury at the Tufts Wildlife Clinic

Our community thrives on embracing complex issues and marshaling the capacities of our unique constellation of schools to develop innovative approaches to local and global challenges.

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Expand Collapse Societal Impact
aylor Fasolo leads his group of students across campus during Kids Day
Societal Impact

We encourage our students, alumni, faculty and staff to connect with the community on local, national and global levels. Through leadership, partnership, mentorship, service and discussion, the active citizens of the Tufts community use their knowledge and research to develop solutions to social challenges. 

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Expand Collapse Sustainability
New solar panels at the Cummings School for Veterinary Medicine

From class projects and cutting-edge research, to extracurricular activities and internships, sustainability is an integral part of Tufts life. We offer numerous opportunities to get involved in developing solutions to local and global sustainability challenges.  

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Expand Collapse Transformative Experiences
Owen Amadasun is hooded at theTufts University School of Medicine commencement ceremony
Transformative Experiences

We are committed to providing every student with ample opportunity for transformative experiences within and beyond the classroom.

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  • The Art and Science of Biostatistics

    Behind countless medical and public health breakthroughs are the translators, problem-solvers, and artists of the biological sciences—also known as biostatisticians

  • A person holding an American flag in front of their face with the sun in the background
    Thoughts from an Undocumented Student at Tufts

    As President Biden steers immigration policy changes, a student of DACA status shares their experience since the Trump administration tried to rescind the program

  • A female baby tapir named Millie was cared for at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine.
    A Tale of Two Tapirs

    When a Baird’s tapir at Franklin Park Zoo gave birth to twins, Cummings Veterinary Medical Center stepped up to provide emergency neonatal care

Tufts People

Jennifer O'Malley Dillon, White House deputy chief of staff, speaking as part of the Tisch College Distinguished Speaker Series at Tufts University.
Biden’s Deputy Chief of Staff on Humanity and Healing a Nation

Alumna Jennifer O'Malley Dillon, White House deputy chief of staff for President Biden, shared lessons from the virtual campaign trail and more in the first Tisch College Distinguished Speaker Series event of 2021.

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Madina Agénor, the inaugural Gerald R. Gill Assistant Professor of Race, Culture, and Society at Tufts University.
Making Health Care for the Most Marginalized a Priority

Madina Agénor, the inaugural Gerald R. Gill Assistant Professor of Race, Culture, and Society, examines how social inequities related to race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender identity influence people’s access to life-saving services.

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Sonia Raman, J96, the Memphis Grizzlies as an assistant coach and the first Indian American woman to coach in the NBA, dribbling a basketball.
She Calls the Shots

Sonia Raman, J96, learned to coach basketball while she was a student at Tufts, but she didn’t see coaching as a career option. Now, she is the first Indian American woman to coach in the NBA.

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Zerlina Maxwell, A03, veteran Democratic strategist, MSNBC analyst, and talk show host on Peacock TV and Sirius XM radio.
How Race Affects U.S. Politics, from Elections to the Capitol Attack

Democratic strategist and author Zerlina Maxwell, A03, discusses how the country is changing—and how its politics should become more inclusive.

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School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts graduate Khaldoun Hijazin, executive director of the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts, in his studio in Jordan.
In Jordan, a Painter Forges Artful Collaborations

School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts graduate Khaldoun Hijazin aims to “democratize the appreciation of art” in his new role as executive director of the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts in Amman.

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Kate Fuller, Tufts' first female groundskeeper, driving a truck on campus.
She Loves Seeing the Fruits of Her Labor

Whether the job calls for power tools or perennials, Kate Fuller, Tufts’ first-ever female groundskeeper, gets it done.

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Rachel Kyte, Fletcher School's first female dean.
Rachel Kyte, F02, Has Advice for Women Leaders: Rage at the Machine, Not Each Other

In honor of Women’s History Month, Fletcher School’s first female dean reflects on her life, career, and why this is a moment for women’s leadership.

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Tufts alumna Wilnelia Rivera, inaugural recipient of the Lyon and Bendheim Citizenship Award from the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life.
Politics Is About What's Possible

Political strategist and activist Wilnelia Rivera, A04, AG14, the inaugural recipient of the Lyon and Bendheim Citizenship Award presented by Tisch College of Civic Life, is fighting for change in our cities—and on the ballot.

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Washington Post reporter Geoff Edgers at his desk, writing in a notebook.
Interviewing the Stars—from Yo-Yo Ma to Anthony Fauci

For the Washington Post's Geoff Edgers, A92, being stuck at home didn’t mean slowing down—he's started a weekly Instagram Live show to prove it.

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Colby Azersky, E19, EG20, designing lunar landing gear.
Student Shoots for the Moon, Lands A Career

Designing lunar landing gear helped Tufts School of Engineering student Colby Azersky, E19, EG20, land a job with NASA.

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