Tufts is a student-centered research university with a constellation of world-class schools encompassing undergraduate, graduate, professional, and lifelong learning programs. Across the university, students satisfy their intellectual curiosity, jump-start rewarding careers, and unlock bright, promising futures. Through rigorous academics, groundbreaking research, and a commitment to civic engagement and leadership, our community of students, faculty, and staff collaborate across four campuses to build a brighter world.


Founding of The Fletcher School, the first graduate school of diplomacy


Schools and colleges, including eight degree-granting schools


Number of countries represented by Tufts students in 2020-2021


A row of students at the front of a lecture hall. A student in a dark blue Tufts shirt, round wire eyeglasses, and a black beanie is asking a question.

Robust Preparation for a Lifetime of Learning

Through dynamic learning, research, and creative partnerships between faculty and students, the School of Arts and Sciences enables students to become thoughtful and expert practitioners and leaders in their fields through a foundation in the liberal arts and sciences.

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Two students wearing face masks are seated at a table behind laptops. They are speaking with a teacher who is also masked and seated with a laptop at the end of the table.

Research and Scholarship, in a Close-Knit Community

Across over 60 doctoral, master’s, and certificate programs – from Art History to Physics, Sustainability to Data Analytics and so much more – graduate students in the arts and sciences take part in world-class research in a collaborative culture. Within this intellectual environment, students access robust career resources and opportunities to pursue their chosen career paths.

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Bottles of chemicals on a shelf in a lab, with handwritten labels.

Bench to Bedside—and Beyond

In a student-centric environment that puts professional goals and skills training first, the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences integrates the best of academic biomedicine, industry, government, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), and the innovation economy to offer students a wide view of career possibilities.

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Close up of a small rabbit in the hands of a veterinary student, who is smiling out of focus in the background.

Animals, Humans, and the Ecosystems We Share

Cummings School students and faculty are dedicated to advancing science and improving patient care in pursuit of One Health initiatives that heal animals, help humans, and transform global health.

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In a bright room with a row of dental chairs, a dental student wearing a surgical mask, blue smock, and scrubs confers with a professor wearing a surgical mask, safety goggles, and a white coat.

Global Leaders in Oral Health

TUSDM students and residents are committed to advancing oral health and becoming compassionate providers of care in a diverse, interdisciplinary, and patient-centered environment through the integration of education, technology, research, and collaboration.

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Two students talk with a professor about a grey, human-sized robot with articulated arms and a red and white, doll-sized robot standing on a black pedestal.

Applied Knowledge for a Brighter Tomorrow

By collaborating and engaging with peers in the arts, humanities, and sciences, students at the School of Engineering develop ethical, innovative applications of technology for a healthier, more efficient, and more sustainable society.

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Five people in business attire talk sitting in a circle in a room with yellow walls lined with flags of multiple countries.

Know the World. Shape the Future.

Guided by faculty with extensive experience in the classroom and in the field, students at The Fletcher School confront the evolving hurdles to stability and prosperity in a rapidly changing world and develop solutions that cross disciplines and borders.

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In a greenhouse, a student wearing grey shorts and a white long-sleeved T-shirt sprays bunches of carrots on a table using a garden hose.

Trusted Science. Future Leaders. Real-World Impact.

Bringing together biomedical, social, political, and behavioral scientists, the Friedman School trains future leaders dedicated to improving nutritional health and well-being worldwide. Students and faculty draw on interdisciplinary research to help shape policy and science.

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A student researcher wearing a white coat and safety goggles sits at a lab bench, using a micropipette. A student researcher, also in a white coat and safety goggles, watches their work and hands them an Erlenmayer flask with purple liquid in it.

Learn to Grow. Learn to Heal.

Through a humanistic medical education grounded in compassionate care, students prepare to become outstanding clinicians and public health professionals, distinguished by the highest level of clinical skills, compassion for those they serve, and dedication to service and lifelong learning.

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A SMFA student wearing a black beanie and black T-shirt leans over a green paper holding an L-square.

Express Yourself. Reveal Yourself. Create Yourself.

At SMFA, never be constrained by one description or bound by just one medium. Instead, students’ artistic and intellectual interests will expand and evolve. In the studio and in the classroom, explore ideas, make discoveries, delve into research, and develop new passions.

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A student stands over a MacBook on a table outside the Mayer Campus Center on a sunny day, while another student with short hair and sunglasses talks to her. In the foreground, a wall of posters advertise Civics Fest 2012 with the headline “Register to Vote, Eat Ice Cream.”

Civic Education for the Greater Good

The only university-wide college of its kind, Tisch College studies and promotes the civic and political engagement of young people at Tufts University, in our communities, and in our democracy.

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The Tufts Academic Quad on a spring day. Mature trees dot a healthy green lawn leading to a red brick, Collegiate Gothic-style building in the background.

Choose Your Path at Tufts

Through University College, working professionals, pre-college students (high school, K-8), visiting students, and adult learners can expand their horizons with new experiences and skills, earn credit, explore the next step in their career, engage more deeply with a topic of interest, or connect with their community through a variety of non-degree programs.

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