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Installation of Sunil Kumar, 14th President of Tufts

On Friday, October 6, Sunil Kumar will continue the legacy of the Rev. Hosea Ballou II, D.D., first president of Tufts College.

In 1853, beneath a tent on Walnut Hill, on the outskirts of the town of Medford, Massachusetts, Ballou celebrated the laying of the cornerstone of the main building for "a literary institution devoted to the higher cultivation of the mind." In attendance was Charles Tufts, who donated the land on which the building, named after Ballou 50 years later, was built.

In 2023, we celebrate Kumar's installation as the 14th president of Tufts University and invite our community of faculty, staff, students, alumni, neighbors, and academic leaders to attend.

The Installation Ceremony

On Friday, October 6, 2023, Sunil Kumar was installed as the 14th President of Tufts University in a ceremony on the Medford/Somerville campus.

If Tufts College is to be a source of illumination, as a beacon standing on a hill, where its light cannot be hidden, its influence will naturally work like all light; it will be diffusive.

The Rev. Hosea Ballou II, 1853 first president of Tufts College

Guest Speakers

Ron DanielsRon Daniels is the 14th president of Johns Hopkins University, a position he has held since 2009. At Hopkins, he has strengthened interdisciplinary collaboration in research and education; enhanced student access; deepened engagement with the city of Baltimore; and supported economic and social innovation. A law and economics scholar, he is the co-author of eight books and dozens of scholarly articles on the intersections of law, economics, development, and public policy. His most recent book, What Universities Owe Democracy, takes up the challenges facing democracy and argues for the indispensable role that universities play in sustaining democratic societies at this critical moment in history. He previously served as provost at the University of Pennsylvania and dean and James M. Tory Professor of Law at the University of Toronto.

J. Michael HarrisonJ. Michael Harrison is the Adams Distinguished Professor of Management, Emeritus, in the Graduate School of Business, Stanford University. He earned a B.S. in industrial engineering from Lehigh University, an M.S. in industrial engineering from Stanford, and a Ph.D. in operations research from Stanford before joining the faculty of the Graduate School of Business in 1970. He has developed and analyzed stochastic models in several different domains related to business, including mathematical finance and processing network theory. Professor Harrison has been honored by INFORMS with its Expository Writing Award (1998), the Lanchester Prize for best research publication (2001), and the John von Neumann Theory Prize (2004). He was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 2008. He is a fellow of INFORMS and of the Institute for Mathematical Statistics.

Delegates from Academic Institutions and Learned Societies

Harvard University
Lawrence Bacow

Princeton University
Suzanne M. Morrison

Washington and Lee University
Graig Fantuzz

Columbia University
Michael Baenen

Brown University
Linda Abriola

Dartmouth College
Alexis Abramson

American Academy of Arts and Sciences
David Oxtoby

Williams College
Kendra Field

Bowdoin College
Thomas Downes

Union College
David Harris

Tufts Medical Center
Michael Dandorph

Hamilton College
Sean Storr

Middlebury College
Catherine Schneider

Colby College
Barton Menitove

Amherst College
Pawan Dhingra

George Washington University
Amanda Notarangelo

Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Maria Gove Tringale

Trinity College
Dickens Mathieu

New York University
Andrew Greenberg

University of New England
Ellen Beaulieu

Wake Forest University
Brian McCaslin

Mount Holyoke College
Christina Petrigliano

Duke University
Jeffrey Taliaferro

Boston University
Stephen Burgay

Fordham University
Samuel Kennedy

Villanova University
Mary Cassidy Campos

College of the Holy Cross
Chris Campbell

Lasell University
Eric Turner

Washington University in St. Louis
Michael Rodman

Berea College
Cheryl Nixon

Bates College
Pamela Reynolds

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Aaron Weinberger

Boston College
Mary Jeka

Cornell University
Jonathan Lamontagne

Dean College
Kenneth Elmore

Lehigh University
Armand Fernandes, Jr.

New England Conservatory
Andrea Kalyn

Hampton University
Neelam Azad

Syracuse University
Christine Carona

Smith College
Lisbeth Tarlow

Massachusetts College of Art and Design
Cecilia Méndez-Ortiz

Vanderbilt University
Stephen Gabriel Barber

Maine Medical Center
Linda Chaudron

Johns Hopkins University
Ronald Daniels

Rhode Island School of Design
Becky Fong

Emerson College
Jay Bernhardt

University of Southern California
Marty Ray

American Historical Association
Leila Fawaz

Temple University
Rufus Faulk

Bryn Mawr
Barbara Kates-Garnick

Clark University
Karen Patterson Greene

Barnard College
Ciaran Escoffery

Elon University
Emily Bourke

Gordon College
David Goss

Saint Anselm College
Dianna Gahlsdorf Terrell

University of Chicago
Mary Lou Gorno

California Institute of Technology
Boris Hasselblatt

Stanford University
Jonathan Moy

University of California, Santa Barbara
Keith Maddox

Hood College
Shahrzad Slater

University of Massachusetts, Lowell
Steven O'Riordan

Adelphi University
Elisa Tavilla

Northeastern University
David Madigan

Sweet Briar College
Michelle Badger

University of Portland
Robert Kelly

Suffolk University
Edie Sparks

Benjamin Franklin Cummings Institute of Technology
Marvin Loiseau

Lesley University
John Matias

Connecticut College
David Gute

Bentley University
Sanjay Putrevu

Emmanuel College
Beth Ross

University of California, Los Angeles
Harry Selker

Endicott College
Gianluca Caterina

Fairfield University
Mark Nemec

Tecnológico de Monterrey
Jose Manuel Paez

Berklee School of Music
David Bogen

Brandeis University
Michael Klein

Northern Essex Community College
Paul Beaudin

National Endowment for the Arts
Jenn Chang

Massachusetts Department of Higher Education
Noe Ortega

Masssasoit Community College
Ruben Barato

Association of Independent Colleges & Universities in Massachusetts
Robert McCarron

Consortium on Financing Higher Education (COFHE)
Pamela Taylor

Cummings Foundation
Dennis Clarke

Olin College of Engineering
Robert Martello

University of Rwanda
Patricia Campbell

College Unbound
Adam Bush

Music and Lyrics

The carillon, a set of tuned bells installed on Goddard Chapel, will ring to welcome participants and special guests at the beginning and close of the installation ceremony.

The 25 carillon bells were donated at three different times. The first bell was given by the Class of 1898 on their 10th reunion in 1908. In 1926, Eugene Bowen donated nine bells. In 1966, a further fifteen bells and the first carillon mechanism were donated in honor of the first provost of Tufts University, John Tilton. Today, the 25 bells (F, G, then A to g’ chromatically) are playable from an electronic keyboard console made by the Verdin company of Cincinnati, Ohio, which also enables the recording of anything from a sequence of chimes to an elaborate tune. Usually the carillon plays a hymn tune at 5:00pm daily, which is chosen and recorded monthly by the music director of the chapel. You can find the list of carillon tune archives here.

Dear Alma Mater

We con, beside thy knee,
Dear Alma Mater,
Earth’s book of mystery,
Dear Alma Mater,
We track the storied past,
Dear Alma Mater,
Over plains of learning vast,
Dear Alma Mater, With thee.
Speed on thy sunlit way,
Dear Alma Mater,
We vow new faith today,
Dear Alma Mater!
May glory light thy name,
Dear Alma Mater,
All thy children sing thy fame,

Dear Alma Mater, For aye

Leo R. Lewis, A1887

Tuftonia’s Day

Steady and true, rush along, Brown and Blue.
Raise a mighty score today.
Fearless tear down the field and never yield!
Brown and Blue, Brown and Blue for aye!
Hammer them hard, boys, and break through their guard. That is old Tuftonia’s way.

And our glorious banner once again will wave o’er Tuftonia’s Day.
T-u-f-t-s, T-u-f-t-s, Hurrah! Hurrah! for dear old Brown and Blue!

Up on the Hill tonight all will be gay.
Victorious in the fight, we’ll raise the standard of dear old Tufts to glory!
Pile up a mighty score.
It’s bound to soar.
Now one goal more!
Nothing can stop us; it’s Tuftonia’s Day.

Elliot Wright Hayes, A1916

Tufts Presidency

The Rev. Hosea Ballou II
President, 1853–1861

The Rev. Alonzo Ames Miner
President, 1862–1875

The Rev. Elmer Hewitt Capen
President, 1875–1905

The Rev. Frederick W. Hamilton
Acting President, 1905–1906
President, 1906–1912

William Leslie Hooper
Acting President, 1912–1914

Hermon Carey Bumpus
President, 1915–1919

John Albert Cousens
Acting President, 1919–1920
President, 1920–1937

Leonard Carmichael
President, 1938–1952

Nils Yngve Wessell
President, 1953–1966

Burton Crosby Hallowell
President, 1967–1975

Jean Mayer
President, 1976–1992

John DiBiaggio
President, 1992–2001

Lawrence S. Bacow
President, 2001–2011

Anthony P. Monaco
President, 2011–2023

Sunil Kumar
President, 2023–

Trustees and Advisors

Peter R. DolanChairman
Jeffrey M. MoslowVice Chair
Sunil KumarPresident of the University

Dina A. Al-Tayeb
Lisa S. Anderson
Eileen A. Aptman
John R. Ball
David A. Chang
Elizabeth Cochary Gross
Kristy Endo
Jason P. Epstein
Cristiana Falcone
Kenneth C. Fan
Peter M. Fasolo
E. Michael Fung
Robert R. Gheewalla
Mark D. Goodman
Doug Harris
Sam W. Ho
Katherine A. Kaplan

Steven E. Karol
Diana V. Lopez
Maria T. Madison
Brian J. McCarthy
Christopher J. McKown
Janis B. Moriarty
Rebecca J. Neary
Elyse A. Newhouse
Maria A. Oquendo
Jonathan M. Pruzan
Douglas A. Rachlin
Lori Roth
Ankur A. Sahu
Vivek R. Shah
Neal B. Shapiro
Lisbeth L. Tarlow
Kalahn Taylor-Clark
Theodore R. Tye
Ancy Verdier
Mariann A. Youniss
Daniel Zilberman

Caroline A. Genco
Senior Vice President & Provost

Mariann A. Youniss, J83
Chair, Council of the Boards of Advisors
Board Chair
Big Sisters Association of Greater Boston
Boston, MA

David A. Chang, A01
Chair, Arts & Sciences Board of Advisors
Partner, Commodities Portfolio Manager
Wellington Management Company, LLP
Boston, MA

James M. Glaser, A14P, A17P
Dean, School of Arts and Sciences

Theodore R. Tye, A79, A06P, A13P
Chair, Athletics Board of Advisors
Managing Partner
National Development
Newton Lower Falls, MA

John G. Morris
Director of Athletics

Hugh R. Roome, III, A74, F77, AG74, FG80, A11P, F15P, A18P
Chair, Cummings Board of Advisors
Alliance for Young Artists and Writers
Scholastic Consumer & Professional Publishing
New York, NY

Alastair E. Cribb
Dean, The Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine

Marc. S. Lemchen, D70, D17P, DG19P
Chair, Dental Board of Advisors
Lemchen/Salzer Orthodontics
New York, NY

Nadeem Y. Karimbux
Dean, School of Dental Medicine

Steven A. Goldstein, Chair, E76
Chair, Engineering Board of Advisors
Orthopaedic Research Laboratories
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI

Kyongbum Lee
Dean, School of Engineering

Leslie A. Puth, F11
Chair, Fletcher Board of Advisors
Former Senior Director, Resource Development
New York, NY

Kelly Sims Gallagher
Dean ad interim, The Fletcher School

Trisha Perez Kennealy
Chair, The Friedman School Board of Advisors
Artistry Boston
Lexington, MA

Christina D. Economos
Dean, Friedman School of Nutrition Science & Policy

Eleni Papalexopoulou, A21P
Chair, International Board of Advisors
Vice President & Founding Member
DESMOS Foundation
Athens, Greece

Cigdem Talgar
Vice Provost for Education

Elizabeth Morey Blecharczyk, M09
Chair, School of Medicine Board of Advisors
Clinical Assistant Professor
Department of Pediatrics, Neonatal & Development Medicine
Lucile Packard Childrens Hospital
Palo Alto, CA

Helen W. Boucher
Dean, School of Medicine and Chief Academic Officer Tufts Medicine

Jeffrey D. Stewart, A90
Chair, Tisch College of Civic Life Board of Advisors
Walnut Hill Advisors
New York, NY

Dayna L. Cunningham
Dean, Tisch College of Civic Life

Current Members of the Board

David A. Chang, Chair, A01
Tufts Trustee
Partner, Commodities Portfolio Manager
Wellington Management Company, LLP
Boston, MA

Eileen Aptman, J90
Tufts Trustee
Chief Investment Officer
Belfer Management LLC
New York, NY

Fern Cohen, AG74
Retired Teacher & Librarian
Sands Point, NY

Stephen Eisenstein, A84
Senior Partner
Harvest Partners
New York, NY

Jason P. Epstein, A96
Tufts Trustee
Investor & Business Executive
JPE Capital Partners
New York, NY

C. Carnot Evans, A91
Vice President and Senior Counsel
Marriott International, Inc.
Bethesda, MD

Laurie A. Gabriel, J76
Tufts Trustee Emerita
Retired Managing Partner
Jackson, New Hampshire

Victoria S. Garth, J81 (Ex-Officio)
London, England

Robert R. Gheewalla, A89, A18P
Tufts Trustee
Private Investor
Larchmont, NY

Mark D. Goodman, AG94
Colorado Nut Company
Denver, CO

Christina M. Greer, J00
Professor of Political Science
Fordham University
New York, NY

Ben Harburg, A06
Managing Partner
MSA Capital
Beijing, China

Alexander Kazerani, A95
OpenPath Security Inc
Chief Executive Officer & Chairman
Culver City, CA

Theo M. Killion, A73, AG75
Managing Partner
The Sierra Institute
Taylorsville, CA

Sandra Leung, J81
Executive Vice President/General Counsel
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
Lawrenceville Township, NJ

Bruce M. Male, A63, A94P
Tufts Trustee Emeritus
Founding Partner
Motorology, LLC
Marblehead, MA

Jeffery C. Maling, A90, AG90
Arundel Way Partners

Maureen Melton, Ex-Officio
Director of Libraries and Archives & Museum Historian
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Boston, MA

Jeffrey M. Moslow, A86, A16P, E18P
Tufts Trustee
Private Investor
Port Washington, NY

Rebecca J. Neary, J87, A22P
New York, NY

Douglas A. Rachlin, A85, A20P, A22P
Tufts Trustee
Senior Portfolio Manager
Neuberger Berman LLC
New York, NY

Valerie Rennert, A13P, A15P
Bal Harbour, Florida

Kenneth Rosh, A85, A19P, A21P
Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson
New York, NY

Lori Roth, J86
Tufts Trustee
Ashley Capital, Inc.
New York, NY

Celia Rumsey, J84, AG90, A20P
New York, NY

Thomas P. Saujet, A96
International Cosmetics & Perfume, Inc.
New York, NY

Ann Sperling, J77, A13P
Senior Director
Trammell Crow Company
Denver, CO

Jeffrey Stibel, A95
Founding Partner
Bryant Stibel
Malibu, CA

Thomas Varkey, AG92
Stonehill Capital Management LLC
New York, NY

Rhonda M. Vitanye, J84, F91
President of the Board of Directors
Muttville Senior Dog Rescue
San Francisco, CA

Courtney S. Wang, A78, A15P
O-File, LLC
Dallas, TX

Mariann Youniss, J83
Tufts Trustee
Boston, MA

Emeritus Members of the Board

Rysia de Ravel d’Esclapon, J71, A94P
President & CEO
DeraCom Conference Call Services
Princeton, NJ

Nancy E. Glass, J77, A14P
Executive Producer
Glass Entertainment Group
Bala Cynwyd, PA

Bernard Harleston, H98
Tufts Trustee Emeritus
Senior Associate
New England Resource Center for Higher Education at UMass Boston

Varney Hintlian, A72
Tufts Trustee Emeritus
Retired Principal
Prospectus LLC
Cambridge, MA

Michael Lainoff, A84
Washington, DC

Hannah Berger Langsam, J62, J88P
St. Louis, MO

Janice R. Lourie, J57
Suntrak, Inc.
Arlington, VT

Lynne M. Maguire, J76
Chief Strategy Officer
Columbus Regional Hospital
Columbus, IN

Susan Orowan Martin, J63
SKM Associates, Inc.
Marstons Mills, MA

Shelley R. McCarthy, J75, A07P
Pacific Palisades, CA

Elyse Applebaum Newhouse, J82
Tufts Trustee
New York, NY

Dennis B. Poster, J90P, J92P
D.B. Poster Associates
Westport, CT

Inez Smith Reid, J59
Tufts Trustee Emerita
Retired Senior Judge
District of Columbia Court of Appeals

Deborah Freedman Shapiro, J89
New York, NY

Mark S. Schuster, A78, A08P
President & Chief Executive Officer
Wingate Companies
Newton, MA

Richard E. Snyder, A55
Cross River, NY

Paul E. Stanzler, A09P, A14P
Burns & Levinson, LLP
Boston, MA

JoAnn Giffuni Wellner, J63
Tufts Trustee Emerita
Merit Operating Corporation
New York, NY

Current Members of the Board

Theodore R. Tye, Chair, A79, A06P, A13P
Tufts Trustee
Managing Partner
National Development
Newton Lower Falls, MA

Gregory H. Altman, A96, EG02
Chief Executive Officer
Evolved By Nature
Medford, MA

John J. Bello, A68, A13P
Tufts Trustee Emeritus
Managing Director
JoNa Ventures
New York, NY

Cynthia L. Borger, J87, A19P
Executive Trustee Family Foundation
Davenport Family Foundation
Malvern, PA

Julie M. Brady, J89
Avery Dooley & Noone LLP
Belmont, MA

David J. Cunningham, A98
VisioCap, LLC
New York, NY

Gregory C. Davis A86, A19P
Travelers Insurance Company
Bloomfield, CT

John H. de Jong, A78, V85
Tufts Trustee Emeritus

Boston Mobile Veterinary Clinic
Weston, MA

Catherine B. Donlan, J90
General Manager and Chief Revenue Officer
Sudbury, MA

Michael R. Frisoli, A93
Vice Chairman
Boston, MA

Jeffrey Gewirtz, A91
Chief Operating Officer
Executive Vice President & General Counsel
BSE Global
Brooklyn, NY

Lisa R. Gorman, J81
Saco, ME

Doug Harris, A81
Tufts Trustee
Chief Executive Officer
The Kaleidoscope Group
Chicago, IL

Michael Haynes, A96
Portfolio Manager
Beach Point Capital Management, LP
New York, NY

Robert A. Keller, A83
J.P. Morgan
San Francisco, CA

Daniel A. Kraft, A87
Tufts Trustee Emeritus
The Kraft Group-International
Foxboro, MA

Lisa A. Lax, J86
Co-Founder, Producer, Director
Lookalike Productions
Englewood, NJ

Jonathan Mugar, A98, AG99
The Basketball Tournament
Brighton, MA

Kara Murphy, A97
Bain & Company, Inc.
Boston, MA

John J. Regan, A90, A27P
Managing Partner & Chief Investment Officer
Permanens Capital
Charleston, SC

David B. Rone, A84, A25P
Tufts Trustee Emeritus
Co-President, Guggenheim Investments
Managing Partner, Guggenheim Partners
Santa Monica, CA

Janice Savin-Williams, J79
Tufts Trustee Emerita
Managing Director
Siebert Williams Shank & Co., LLC
New York, NY

Anthony B. Shropshire, A04
Senior Vice President & Private Wealth Management Advisor
Merrill Lynch
New York, NY

V. Heather Sibbison, J83, A13P, A16P
Dentons US LLP
Washington, DC

Nancy Stern, J86
Production Company Co-Founder
Lookalike Productions
Englewood, NJ

Robert W. Tishman, A86
Chairman & Co-Founder
Lightkeeper, LLC
Boston, MA

Jennifer Tramontana, E99
Senior Vice President
Global Wealth & Investment Management Marketing
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Boston, MA

Emeritus Members of the Board

William M. Gorra, E78, A78
President & CEO
Simoniz U.S.A., Inc.
Bolton, CT

John K. Grace, A68
Santa Barbara, CA

Varney Hintlian, A72
Tufts Trustee Emeritus
Prospectus LLC
Cambridge, MA

Beth H. Hochhauser, J82
Isseks Bros. Inc.
New York, NY

Ellen Jacobs Lehman, J83
E. Jacobs Associates – DBA Jacadi
Woodbury, NY

Steven Lunder, A88
Granite State Plastics, Inc.
Londonberry, NH

Michael W. McConnell, A65
Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.
New York, NY

Robert E. McLaughlin, Esq., A59, J86P, J88P, A90P
Managing Partner
Gilman, McLaughlin & Hanrahan LLP
Boston, MA

Current Members of the Board

Katherine L. Dolan, Chair, A08P
Little Compton, RI

Emily D. Andersen, V17
ComfortABLE Critters Veterinary Care PLLC
Bethel, CT

M. Sawkat Anwer, A02P, E04P, V08P
Kamini Healthcare Foundation
Ishurdi, Bangladesh
Distinguished Fellow
Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine
North Grafton, MA

Stephen E. Binder
Binder Capital Advisors, LLC
Lincoln, MA

*Robert F. Croce
Wellesley, MA

Jonathan H. Epstein, V02, MG02
Vice President for Science & Outreach
EcoHealth Alliance
New York, NY

Martin V. Haspel
Westborough, MA

Karen Jones Squires, V19P
Atlanta, GA

George A. Kramer, V86
Diplomate ACVIM & Medical Director
Atlantic Coast Veterinary Specialists
Bohemia, NY

Hugh M. Mainzer, V90
Supervisory Preventive Medicine Officer
US Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Center for Preparedness and Response
Atlanta, GA

Janet Kovak McClaran, V98
Veterinary Surgeon
Animal Medical Center
New York, NY

David J. McGrath III,  AG83, V86, A11P, A15P
Tufts Trustee Emeritus

Laura H. McLaughlin, A08
Deputy Director and Foundation Counsel
Cummings Foundation
Woburn, MA

India D. Napier, V20
Lab Animal Resident and Postdoc Fellow
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA

Sean Padgett
Grafton, MA

Alexander C. Robb, V13
Medical Director
Goodheart Animal Health Centers
Denver, CO

Hugh R. Roome, A74, F77, AG74, FG80, A11P, F15P, Chair, Council of the Board of Advisors
Tufts Trustee Emeritus
Chairman of the Board
Alliance for Young Artists and Writers
Scholastic, Inc.
New York, NY

Barry R. Sloane
Needham, MA

Tiina Smith
Chief Executive Officer
Tiina Smith Jewelry
Boston, MA

Kris Wilson
Boston, MA

Emeritus Members of the Board

Stephen J. Browne
President & Founder
The Stanton Group, Inc.
Charlestown, MA

Paul C. Gambardella
Ramsey, NJ

John H. de Jong, A78, V85
Tufts Trustee Emeritus
Boston Mobile Veterinary Clinic
Weston, MA

Diana L. Johnson
Montclair, NJ

Steven G. Marton, E06P
Co-Founder & Manager
VisioCap, LLC
New York, NY

Howard E. Rubin
Chief Executive Officer
Brightheart Veterinary Centers
Armonk, NY

Elizabeth (Betsy) Banks Saul
Heal House Call Veterinarian
Chapel Hill, NC

Gabriel Schmergel, V98P
Sarasota, FL

Eve Lloyd Thompson
Tufts Trustee
Treasurer & Secretary
Bernice Barbour Foundation, Inc.
Wellington, FL

Francine Trull, AG80
Federation for Biomedical Research
National Association for Biomedical Research
Washington, DC


Current Members of the Board

Marc S. Lemchen, Chair, D70, D17P
Dr. Marc Lemchen
New York, NY

Sulman Ahmed, D05
Founder & Chief Executive Office
DECA Dental Group
Dallas, TX

Dina Al-Tayeb, DG02
Dentalia Clinics
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Joke A. Alesh, A11, D15, MG16
Marigold Dental Studio
Pawtucket, RI

Emilio I. Arguello, DI10, DG05
Altura Periodontics
Denver, CO

Richard J. Catrambone, D85, DG89, D19P
Oral Surgeon
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Inc.
Brockton, MA

William B. Chan, D75, DG82, D10P, DG13P
William B. Chan & Associates
Cumberland, RI

Joseph W. Chow
Independent Director
Delaware Investments Family of Funds
Philadelphia, PA

Alice T. Coombs, D11P, M14P
Chair of the Department of Anesthesiology
Associate Professor
Critical Care Medicine Coordinator
Virginia Commonwealth University
Richmond, VA

Jamie Diament-Golub, D87
Pediatric Dentist
Fort Lee, NJ

John Ficarelli, D73, D10P, DG12P
Boylston Street Dental Group, LLC
Chestnut Hill, MA

Stephenie Goddard
Chief Executive Officer
Glidewell Dental
Newport Beach, CA

Mark Hirsh, DG68, J97P, AG00P, A04P
Peirce Management LLC
Wellesley, MA

Avi Kopelman
Vice President and Chief Scientist
Align Technology Inc.
San Jose, CA

Debbie Lee, D94
New York, NY

Janis B. Moriarty, D94
Tufts Trustee
Winchester, MA

Kistama Naidu, D02
Naidu Orthodontics
Pembroke Pines, FL

Kathleen O’Loughlin, D81
Tufts Trustee Emerita
Chicago, Illinois

Olivia Peiretti-Paradisi A06, D10, DG13

Katie Talmo, D10
Medford, MA

Ancy Verdier, A96, D03, DG06
Tufts Trustee
Worcester Periodontics
Worcester, MA

Lisa Vouras, D89
Lisa Vouras DMD PC
Reading, MA

Emeritus Members of the Board

Bruce J. Baum, D71
Retired Chief, Gene Transfer Section
National Institute of Dental & Craniofacial
Bethesda, MD

Kathryn Chenault, J77
Tufts Trustee Emerita
New Rochelle, NY

Paul J. Desjardins, DA75
Desjardins Associates, LLC
Maplewood, NJ

Marco Ferrari
University of Siena
School of Dental Medicine

Louis Fiore, D62
Fort Myers, FL

Henry Herrmann
Boston, MA

Robert E. Hunter, D63
Former President & CEO
DentaQuest Ventures, Inc.
Boston, MA

James (Jess) F. Kane, D74, DG76,AG78, DG79, D04P, D06P
Kane, Tesini, Soporowski & Associates, LLP
Natick, MA

David G. Kirk, D06P
Sudbury, MA

Ronald I. Maitland, A60, D64, J90P
President/General Practice
New York, NY

Claude Pallanca, DG58, DG87, DG93

Current Members of the Board

Steven A. Goldstein, Chair, E76
Tufts Trustee Emeritus
Orthopaedic Research Laboratories
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI

Paul V. Atkins, E91, A20P, A24P
Executive Chief Operations Officer
Halmar International
Nanuet, NY

Marjorie R. Devereaux, E72, EG75, E03P, A07P
New York, NY

Deborah B. Dunie, E85
Independent Board Director/Consultant/C-Suite Executive
Falls Church, VA

James B. Flaws, E71
Retired Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Officer
Corning Inc.
Painted Post, NY

Bernard M. Gordon, H92
Tufts Trustee Emeritus
BMG Charitable Trust
Danvers, MA

Robert J. Haber, E79, EG80
Founder/Partner/Chief Investment Officer
Proficio Capital Partners LLC
Newton, MA

Steven E. Karol, A76, A04P, A13P
Tufts Trustee
Managing Partner
Watermill Group
Boston, MA

Mark P. Kesslen, E86, A18P
Partner/Chair of IP Group
Lowenstein, Sandler, PC
Roseland, NJ

Ellen J. Kullman, E78, A12P
Trustee Emerita
President and Chief Executive Officer

Jon A. Levy, E83
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
American Holt Corp.
Boston, MA

Pamela McNamara, E81
President & Chief Executive Officer
Health Helm, Inc.
Boston, MA

Stacey Morse, E77
New York, NY

Timothy A. Nelson, E04, EG07, Ex-Officio
Degenkolb Engineers
San Francisco, CA

Stephen A. Remondi, E87
President & Chief Executive Officer
Exa Corporation
Burlington, MA

Stephen J. Ricci, E67, E88P, J88P
Arlington, MA

David V. Rosowsky, E85, EG87
Vice President for Research
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS

Ankur A. Sahu, E91, A22P
Tufts Trustee
Ashiya, Hyogo

Marilyn C. Salzman, E89
President and Experience Strategy, Research and Design Consultant
Salzman Consulting, LLC
Louisville, CO

Robert Stricker, E69
CQS Directional Opportunities Fund
London, England

Tina H. Surh, J93
Tufts Trustee Emerita
Founder & Chief Investment Officer
Sonamu Group
Brooklyn, NY

James Tiampo, A83, E83
Verbier Management Corporation
Blaine, WA

Emmanuel (Wandi) L. Wanandi, E91, E17P, E19P
PT. Trimitra Baterai Prakasa
Jakarta Utara, Indonesia

Matthew D. Verminiski, E96
North Andover, MA

Shelley Woods Whiting, E91
Management Consultant/Advisor
Brookhaven, GA

Peter L. Wittich, E83
Interstate Asphalt
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Emeritus Members of the Board

Jonathan G. Curtis
Retired President & CEO
CDM Federal Programs Corporation

Current Members of the Board

Leslie A. Puth, F11, Chair
Former Senior Director, Resource Development
New York, NY

Maureen Alphonse-Charles, F87, A23P
Senior Vice President of Talent, Diversity & Equity at Diversified Search Group
Diversified Search Group – Boston University
Boston, MA

Joyce L. Barsam, J62, AG89, J89P,  A91P, AG91P, A94P, AG91P
Tufts Trustee Emerita
Vice President & Trustee
The Tavitian Foundation
Boston, MA

Andrew H. Darrell, F88
NY Regional Director
Environmental Defense Fund
New York, NY

Kenneth C. Fan, E01, F07
Tufts Trustee
Founder and Director
Watertown, MA

Courtney J. Fung, FG12
Associate Professor, Department of Security Studies & Criminology
Macquarie University
Sydney, Australia

Maria Gordon, F98
Independent Board Member
London, England

Thomas F. Holt, Jr. Esq., F75, F77
K&L Gates LLP
Boston, MA

Peter Malone, F78, FG83, A18P
Operating Partner
Capitol Meridian Partners
Boston, MA

Brad M. Meslin, Ph.D, FG84, A21P
Senior Managing Director
CSP Associates, Inc.
Cambridge, MA

Meredith A. Rosenberg, F96
Global Practice Lead
Digital Education & edTech
Russell Reynolds Associates
Boston, MA

Akitaka Saiki, F79
Member of the Board
Mitsubishi Corporation
Tokyo, Japan

Dev S. Sanyal, F88
Chief Executive Officer
VARO Energy Group, AG

Marilyn P. Skony Stamm, F74
President and Chief Executive Officer
Stamm International Corporation
Fort Lee, NJ

Vivek R. Shah, A94
Tufts Trustee
Bronxville, NY

Daniel Sonder, A99, F99
Chief Strategy Officer & Head of Data Business Markets
Hong Kong, China

Kelly M. Smith, F03
Deloitte & Touche, LLP
Washington, DC

Nancy A. Taussig, F14P, FG18P
Executive Director
Promise of Childhood Campaign
Save the Children
Fairfield, CT

Emeritus Members of the Board

Michael M. Maney, F57
Retired Partner
Sullivan & Cromwell
New York, NY

Craig Owens, FG01
Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Accounting Officer
Campbell Soup Company
Camden, NJ

G. Richard Thoman, Chair Emeritus, F67, F69, F71
Managing Director
Corporate Perspectives
New York, NY

Current Members of the Board

Trisha Perez Kennealy, Chair
The Inn at Hastings Park
Lexington, MA

Dianna C. Bartone, N17, MG17
Davidsonville, MD

Michael L. Blau, N12P
Retired Partner
Foley & Lardner
Boston, MA

Ellen H. Block, J66
Hasbro Children’s Foundation
New York, NY

Jason Camm
Chief Medical officer
Thiel Capital LLC
San Francisco, CA

Danielle F. Capalino
Registered Dietitian/Investor
New York, NY

Elizabeth Cochary-Gross, N82, NG88
Tufts Trustee
Concord, MA

Joan K. Cohn, J65
New York, NY

Edward M. Cooney
Washington, DC

Marcela Orvananos de Rovzar, F16, N04P
Founder and Chair Person
Qualitas of Life Foundation
New York, NY

Chloe E. Epstein
Founder & President
Chloe’s Fruit
New York, New York

Cristiana Falcone, N01, F01
Tufts Trustee
Principle Adviser, Media Affairs
World Economic Forum
New York, NY

Noosheen Hashemi
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
January AI, Inc.
Menlo Park, CA

Irwin M. Heller, A67, A98P
Tufts Trustee Emeritus
Mintz Levin Cohn Ferris Glovsky & Popeo PC
Boston, MA

Michael A. Karsch, A90, F91
Tufts Trustee Emeritus
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
The Juice Press LLC
New York, NY

Mehmood Khan
Chief Executive Officer
Hevolution Foundation
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

William Layden
Hobe Sounds, FL

Theodore V.H. Mayer, A07P, AG20P
Chair and Managing Partner
Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP
New York, NY

Sarita Nayyar
Member of Managing Board
World Economic Forum LLC
New York, NY

Paulina P. Neely
Trustee and Vice President
The Cam Neely Foundation
Boston, MA

James M. Rabb
Retired Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Boston, MA

Teri Volpert, J84
Tufts Trustee Emerita
New York, NY

Emeritus Members of the Board

Edward H. Budd, A55, J80P, J86P
Glastonbury, CT

Cheryl A. Chase, J75, A03P
Co-President and General Counsel
Chase Enterprises
Hartford, CT

Jane Friedman
Artists International Representatives, Inc.
New York, NY

Lloyd Greig
Physician, OB-GYN
Beverly Hills, CA

Marcy A. Hardt, J97P, AG98P
Westport, CT

Michael Hebb
Teaching Fellow
University of Washington
Seattle, WA

Thomas Hughes, NG87, A10P
President & CEO
Zafgen, Inc.
Cambridge, MA

Ganesh Kishore
Managing Director
Burrill & Company
San Francisco, CA

Paul R. Morse, A53
CitCran Corporation
Vero Beach, FL

Anita L. Owen
Scottsdale, AZ

Ruth L. Remis, J54
Trustee Emeritus
Boston, MA

Barry J. Rosenbaum, A60
Omnimed International, LLC
Atlanta, GA

Vishwa N. Singh
Director – Human Nutrition Research
DSM Nutritional Products, Inc.
Parsippany, NJ

Edward M. Swan, A63
Trustee Emeritus
Boston, MA

Marija Wright
Geneva, Switzerland


Current Members of the Board

Eleni Papalexopoulou, A21P, Chair
Vice President & Founding Member
DESMOS Foundation
Athens, Greece

Elizabeth Amador
Business Executive
General Management Technology
New York, NY

Fabian C. Bachrach, A84, AG84
Commercial Advisor
Air Finance Corporation
London, England

JoAnn Gantz Bendetson, J80, AG91, A13P, A17P, A18P
Andover, MA

Bobby Bendetson, A73, A13P, A17P, A18P
Tufts Trustee
Cabot House, Inc.
Amesbury, MA

Gaurav Burman, A95
Managing Partner
Burman Family Holdings
London, UK

Juan F. Carrizosa, A80, F14
International Financial Advisor
London, UK

M. Christina Chandris, J78, A16P
Curator & Fine Arts Advisor
London, UK

Michael N. Dakin, Esq., A95
Clifford Chance LLP
London, England

Jose Pablo Elverdin, Jr., A88
Argenmar SA
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Kristy K. Endo, A05
Tufts Trustee
Co-Founder and Co-Owner
Box Holdings LLC
Pasadena, CA 91101

Mario Fernandez, A83, A15P
Cofe Properties LLC
Miami, Florida

Nathalie E. Giauque, J92, A23P
Ross, CA

Chantal Prunier Grindon, A10P
Executive Vice President
Panda Mountain Organization-USCEF
Pacific Palisades, CA

Hans Horn, A90
Norus Management SA
Geneve, Switzerland

Monica Jain, A24P
Founder and Executive Director
Fish 2.0  and Manta Consulting Inc.
Key Biscayne, FL

Youssef Khlat, A84, F84
Managing Director
Credit Agricole CIB
London, England

Hongyu (Daisy) Liu, F99, A25P
People’s Republic of China

M. Alexander Marin, A92
Media Advisors, LLC
Coral Gables, FL

John McCarthy, A68, AG73, A01P
ING Bank A.S.

Elizabeth Powell, FG62
Chair & Treasurer (Retired)
Diamond Machining Technology, Inc.
Marlborough, MA

Ali Sabanci, A91
Pegasus Airlines
Istanbul, Turkey

Emeritus Members of the Board

Jaafar Al-Hillawi, E74, E11P, E18P
Senior Vice President
URS Corporation
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Fotis Antonatos, A06P
Chief Counsel
Latsis Group of Companies

John Ball, A86, A18P
Tufts Trustee
Managing Director
Steamboat Ventures, LLC

The Honorable Marie Claude Bunford

John Crawford, F59
Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue
Paris, France

Michael Dobbs, F72, F73, F75, F77

Jose Pablo Elverdin, A89P, J90P
Argenmar S.A.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Annetta Grisard-Schrafl, J94P

Maha Kaddoura, A96P
Beirut, Lebanon

Javier Macaya, A91, A22P
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Athelera, LLC
New York, NY

Douglas Marston, F78
Marston Capital Partners Limited

Ankur Sahu, E91
Tufts Trustee
Ashiya Hyogo

Adom Tenjoukian, A01P
Senior Middle East Advisor
Pictet & Lie

Robert Wise, A93P
Chairman & Managing Director
Music Sales Limited

Marija Wright
Geneva, Switzerland

Current Members of the Board

Elizabeth Blecharczyk, M09, Chair
Clinical Assistant Professor
Department of Pediatrics,
Neonatal & Developmental Medicine
Palo Alto, CA

Joseph Ayoub, Jr., A74
Varuna Strategies, LLC
Milton, MA

Mark R. Belsky, M74
Lenox, MA

Robert A. Blackman, M69
Malibu, CA

Marjory A. Bravard, M10
Massachusetts General Hospital
Boston, MA

A. Dana Callow, Jr., A74, A04P, A09P
Tufts Trustee Emeritus
Managing General Partner
Boston Millennia Partners
Boston, MA

Olivia Ho Cheng
President and Chief Executive Officer
Aurora Healthcare US Corp
Danvers, MA

Steven A. Goldstein, E76
Tufts Trustee Emeritus
Orthopaedic Research Laboratories
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI

Jane C. I. Hirsh, J97P, A04P
Tufts Trustee Emerita
Chief Executive Officer
Hingham Shipyard Marinas
Hingham, MA

Sam Ho, M76
Tufts Trustee
Retired Executive Vice President
M.D., Retired Chief Medical Officer, UnitedHealthcare
Manhattan Beach, CA

Steven M. Jaharis, M87
Winnetka Family Medicine
Winnetka, IL

Lynne Katzmann, A77
President & Chief Executive Officer
Juniper Communities
Bloomfield, NJ

Mary Y. Lee, J75, M83
Professor of Medicine
Tufts University School of Medicine
Boston, MA

Ana Lopes Johnson, M01
Family Medicine Physician
Facey Medical Group
Mission Hills, CA

Tejas MehtaM92, A19P
Associate Professor of Radiology
Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Population Health in Radiology
UMass Memorial Medical Center/UMass Chan Medical School
Worcester, MA

Andrew C. Meyer, Jr, A12P, M17P
Founding Partner
Lubin & Meyer PC
Boston, MA

Vivian W. Pinn, H93
Senior Scientist Emerita, FIC, NIH
Former Director (Retired), Office of Research on Women’s Health, NIH

Hugh R. Roome, A74, F77, AG74, FG80, A11P, F15P, Chair, Council of the Board of Advisors
Tufts Trustee Emeritus
Chairman of the Board
Alliance for Young Artists and Writers
Scholastic Consumer & Professional Publishing
New York, NY

James Roosevelt
Verrill Dana Attorneys at Law
Boston, MA

David S. Rosenthal, M63, J87P, AG88P
Distinguished Physician
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Professor Emeritus, Harvard Medical School
Boston, MA

Patricia E. Sacks, M66, J93P
Retired Medical Director
Polak Breast Diagnostic Center
Torrance, CA

Corey Siegel, A93, M98, A22P, M26P
Section Chief
Gastroenterology and Hepatology
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
Section Gastroenterology and Hepatology
Lebanon, NH

Michael E. Tarnoff
President & Chief Executive Officer
Tufts Medical Center
Boston, MA

Louis A. Tramontozzi, III, M07 (Ex-Officio)
North Shore Neurology & EMG
Beverly, MA

Michael Wagner
President and Chief Executive Officer
Care New England
Providence, RI

JoAnn Wellner, J63
Tufts Trustee Emerita
Retired Principal
Merit Operating Corporation
New York , NY

Kenneth L. Weiner, A73, M77
Co-founder and Executive Chairman
Eating Recovery Center
Denver, CO

Joshua A.S. Young
North Andover, MA

Emeritus Members of the Board

Eric Aguiar
Aisling Capital
New York, NY

Henry E. Blair
Dyax Corporation
Cambridge, MA

Lawrence G. Cetrulo, M12P, MG19P
Founding Partner
Cetrulo LLP
Boston, MA

Dr. Robert Lugliani, M66, MP99, MP02
Pulmonary Disease Division
St Mary’s Hospital
Long Beach, CA

Deborah Powell, M75
Minneapolis, MN

Michael J. Sinclair
Care Capital Group PLC

Devette Russo, M11P, GBS11P
Hopkinton, MA

Donald E. Wilson, M62, H08
Distinguished Professor and Dean Emeritus
University of Maryland
Baltimore, MD

Current Members of the Board

Jeffrey D. Stewart, Chair, A90
Walnut Hill Advisors
New York, NY

Matthew M. Bai, A90
Bethesda, MD

David Belluck, A23P
General Partner
Riverside Partners
Boston, MA

Thomas Bendheim, A85
Chief Executive Officer
b7 Properties
Providence, RI

Betsy Busch, M75
Tufts Trustee Emeritus
Chestnut Hill, MA

Andrew M. Chaban, A85
Chief Executive Officer
Princeton Properties
Lowell, MA

Selina J. Chow, J78
Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center
Boston, MA 02111

Moises Cohen, A11
Philadelphia, PA

Juan I. Entrecanales, E92
Vice Chairman
Acciona, S.A.
28190 Madrid, Spain

Kenneth C. Fan, E01, F07
Tufts Trustee
Founder and Director
Watertown, MA

Michael B. Feldman, A90
Partner & Co-Chairman, North America
FGS Global
New York, NY

David Fitzgerald, A81
Vice Chairman
CBRE, Inc.
99 High Street,
Boston, MA

Maria Cristina Gonzalez Noguera, J97
Executive Vice President Chief Communications
& Public Affairs Officer
banco Popular De Puerto Rico
San Juan, PR

Richard Henken, A80, AG81
The Schochet Companies
Braintree, MA

Roger L. Krakoff, A81, F83, A18P
Managing Partner
IoT Capital Partners
Boston, MA

Vanessa N. Kirsch, J87
Founder-in-Residence and Senior Partner
New Profit
Boston, MA

Lisa Lebovitz, J84

Jonathan B. Lyon, A85
Mount Independence Investments
Lexington, MA

Charles L. Merin, A04P
Retired Executive Vice President
Prime Policy Group
Washington, DC

Ify Nneka Mora, A04
Managing Director, Program Operations
Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies
Eden Prairie, MN

Elyse Newhouse, J82
Associate Publisher
Tupelo Press, Inc.
New York, NY

Wilnelia Rivera, A04, AG14
Rivera Consulting Inc.
Boston, MA

Mitchell A. Robinson, A07
Baker & Hostetler, LLP
Atlanta, CA

Erin M. Ross, A02
Senior Managing Director
External Affairs
City Year Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA

Suzanne Seiden, J85, A17P
Mamaroneck, NY

Jennifer M. Selendy, J90
Selendy Gay Elsberg PLLC
New York, NY

Tina H. Surh, J93
Tufts Trustee Emerita
Founder & Chief Investment Officer
Sonamu Group
Brooklyn, NY

Kalahn A. Taylor-Clark, J99, MG01
Tufts Trustee
Vice President & Head of Strategy Partnership & Innovation
Myovant Sciences
Brisbane, CA

Jonathan M. Tisch, A76
Tufts Trustee Emeritus
Co-Chairman of the Board
Loews Corporation
Chairman & CEO
Loews Hotels
New York, NY

The Honorable Eric Washington
Senior Judge
District of Columbia Court of Appeals
Washington, DC

Emeritus Members of the Board

Seth Barad, A77, A13P
San Rafael, CA

Thomas Ehrlich
Visiting Professor
Stanford University
Stanford, CA

Thomas P. Glynn III, A68
Partners HealthCare System, Inc.
Boston, MA

Carol Rabb Goldberg, J55
The AvCar Group Ltd.
Boston, MA

Gloria White-Hammond, M76, H06
Tufts Trustee Emerita
Executive Director, My Sister’s Keeper
Boston, MA

Deborah Jospin, J80, A14P
Tufts Trustee Emeritus
Chevy Chase, MD

Brian H. Kavoogian, A84
Tufts Trustee Emeritus
Managing Partner
National Development
Newton Lower Falls, MA

Elliot D. Lobel, A70, A07P, AG10P, A11P
Prince, Lobel, Glovsky & Tye LLP
Boston, MA

Tammy Murphy
Murphy Endeavors, LLC
Red Bank, NJ

Pamela K. Omidyar, J89
Founder & Chairman
Palo Alta, CA

Special Instructions

All faculty who plan to attend the ceremony should register in advance.  

  • Tufts faculty who will attend but are not part of the academic processional should RSVP here. These faculty members can proceed directly to the tent on the Residential Quadrangle for seating in the audience.
  • Tufts faculty who are marching in the academic processional should RSVP here and check in for the processional with their regalia at the alignment area, located at the Chase Center, Carmichael Hall, 200 Packard Avenue, beginning at 1 p.m. on Friday, October 6.

On-campus parking is free on Friday, October 6.  

Delegates who plan to attend the ceremony should register in advance at this link.  

Delegates who are marching in the academic processional should check in at the alignment area at the ASEAN Auditorium in the Cabot Intercultural Center, 170 Packard Avenue, beginning at 11 a.m. Delegates should bring their academic regalia to the ASEAN Auditorium. Delegates who are attending the delegate brunch may leave their regalia at the ASEAN Auditorium and return there for robing and alignment at approximately 1 p.m. 

Delegates not marching in the processional and their guests should proceed directly to the delegate brunch or to the ceremony tent. Delegates should sit in the designated area as instructed by the ushers.  


On-campus parking is free on Friday, October 6.  

Delegates should park in the Dowling Hall Garage (419 Boston Avenue). Delegates should inform the parking attendant of their delegate status to receive specific parking instructions. From the parking garage, delegates will receive directions to the alignment area, the brunch, and the ceremony tent for check-in.  

Historical Notes

Harris, April L., Academic Ceremonies: A Handbook of Traditions and Protocol (CASE, 2005).
Miller, Russell E., Light on the Hill: A History of Tufts College, 1852–1952 (Beacon Press, 1966).
Sauer, Anne, ed., Concise Encyclopedia of Tufts History (Tufts University, 2000).


Kelvin Ma, Tufts University
Alonso Nichols, Tufts University