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Tufts User Generated Content Terms of Use

By accepting Tufts University ’s request to repost and reuse your social media content (“User Content”), you agree to the following Terms of Use:

• You grant Tufts University (“Tufts”) a worldwide, non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free license to use your User Content at Tufts’ discretion, including but not limited to resharing the User Content on Tufts’ social media accounts and incorporating the User Content into promotional and marketing materials, including video. You agree that Tufts may use, display, reproduce, distribute, transmit, create derivative works from, combine with other materials, alter and/or edit your User Content in any manner.

• You grant Tufts the right to use your real name, social media username, likeness, descriptions of you, location, voice, or other identifying information in connection with the above license to use your User Content.

• You represent and warrant that (i) the User Content does not infringe any valid copyright or other proprietary right of any other person, and if the User Content contains any copyrighted material that is not in the public domain and not owned by you, you have obtained permission to use such material, and will provide copies of such permissions to Tufts upon request and at your own expense; (ii) you have the sole power to convey all rights granted and licensed herein; (iii) the User Content contains no content promoting for-profit companies, goods or services; (iv) you are not a minor; and (v) the User Content contains no libelous, defamatory or other unlawful material.

• You represent and warrant that the User Content does not contain the name, likeness, descriptions, voice or other identifying information of a third party, unless such party has consented to such name, likeness, description, voice or other identifying information being shared with Tufts and for Tufts to reshare. If there are names, likeness, descriptions, voice or other identifying information of a minor, such minor’s parent or guardian must have provided such consent.

• The User Content that you submit is deemed non-confidential and Tufts has no obligation to maintain the confidentiality of any information contained in any User Content submission, except pursuant to Tufts’ Privacy Statement. By submitting your User Content, you agree that any personal information incorporated into the User Content may be processed and transmitted to servers located in the United States and may be viewed worldwide.

• Tufts reserves the right not to use or, if used, to remove any User Content without notice.

• These Terms of Use are subject to change and updating at any time in Tufts’ discretion.

• These Terms of Use constitute the entire agreement between you and Tufts with respect to use of your User Content. These Terms of Use are non-assignable. The validity and interpretation of this Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Massachusetts law and the applicable U.S. Federal law, without regard to conflict of law rules or principles.