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New & Notable

  • Lorenz’s work “Victorious Secret,” a re-envisioning of an often misinterpreted Roman mosaic, is on view at Tufts’ Tisch Library

  • John Bello, A68, A13P, is the inaugural speaker for the Tufts Legends of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Series on November 2

  • Jeanne Ashworth, J60, competed in three winter Olympics, and won a bronze in speed skating

  • A ghostly narrator, an unfolding mystery, and an impossible choice drive Elliot Ackerman’s new novel about a wounded Marine and his wife

  • Alum Barbara Shapiro hit it big with her novel “The Art Forger,” and now she’s back with an art-obsessive tale from the 1920s

  • Kingsley Moghalu, F92, is a first-time candidate for the top position in Africa’s most populous country