Creativity and the Arts

Through the creation and study of the arts, Tufts students uncover what makes us human and find the freedom and flexibility to bring their personal vision to life. On screen, stage, and canvas, they express their unique visions and breathe new life into classic works. Together, students and faculty explore works past and present through analysis and insight, providing a springboard for future creativity. All these activities converge to produce a multifaceted artistic environment at Tufts where creativity and individuality are expressed in all forms.

Eye-Opening Academics

Visual arts students benefit from the resources of a world-class research university and proximity to museums and cultural institutions, engaging with thought-provoking material that inspires their own endeavors.

Voices in Harmony

Primetime a cappella. Javanese gamelan. Soulful gospel. With more than 200 concerts and events every year—plus a range of community music programs—Tufts students, faculty, and guest performers enliven and enrich our campus.

Performances Come to Life

Tufts students take the stage in theatrical productions and dance performances, including multiple student-produced shows. As part of a diverse and inclusive community of artists, students of all of majors can participate in courses and productions.